YouScript is a personalized testing-based medication management system that helps doctors and physicians prescribe the right medicines, avoiding side effects of medicines and health risks. Eliminating the barrier of prescribing generalized medication management, we suggest the best prescribing medicines, analyzing pharmacogenetic testing with medical management software. With this, we want to minimize side effects and improve patients care.


What is YouScript

YouScript is a clinically validated system that synthesizes information regarding drug responses to erase the adverse drugs to offer better care to patients. We also include pharmacogenetic testing to help doctors and pharmacists suggest the best medicines for patient care. With an aim to improving outcomes, our team worked dedicated to collect all evidence of drug responses. Our system successfully helped in the different clinical flows of Epic, Cerner, Allscrips, and other healthcare organizations.

Our vast experience in pharmacogenetics, healthcare, and technological development proves to be very effective in developing such software that offers maximum help to patients. Our mission is to reduce the cost and offer precision medicine for better care.

How do we work

YouScript is partnering with healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, health plans or ACOs, and pharmacists to enhance the point of care. Solving the barriers in personalized medication management, we help doctors and pharmacists avoid many risks associated with prescribing the right medicines. We conducted extensive research on different medications in connection with patients’ drug metabolism ability. Using the most comprehensive medication management system, we maintain precision in prescribing medicines. You can easily access drug metabolism knowledge through our system, which also helps doctors and physicians prescribe the right medicines for patients’ care. With us, you can minimize side effects of medicines and offer better care at reduced cost.

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