Qatar Genome

Qatar Genome Project is introducing a large database of prescribing medicines that improve the health care system and helps researchers innovate new theories based on the information of the database. Aiming to make Qatar a pioneering country in implementing precision medicines, we manage such a huge database containing genome sequencing and omics data, along with the phenotypic data from Qatar Biobank.

Qatar Genome

Qatar Genome Program:

To achieve pioneering feet in the precision of prescribing medicine, we conducted a population-based study to introduce a huge database comprising of whole genome sequencing and other omics data along with the phenotypic data collected from Qatar Biobank. This huge database will be a landmark for breakthrough discoveries on prescribing medicines and help doctors and physicians prescribe the best medicines to improve healthcare. This project includes every detail to make an evident-based study. We collaborated with Qatar bank and utilized local genomics and bioinformatics infrastructure. We completed every step with extra care to fulfill the demands for getting success in our work. We also build the national genome data network to implement our research in the clinical setting.

How do we work

To make Qatar a pioneering country in advanced, personalized healthcare, we introduce a Qatar Genome Project. We pay attention to genomics and other omics technology to use them in medical and research practices. With this, we build up a knowledge-based economy that helps the population of Qatar, particularly in the medical field. The chief members of the projects belong from the medical, research, and educations fields, and everyone is a known personality of Qatar. Qatar Biobank also contributes a lot to the project by offering various clinical measurements. We produce a wealth of information that will show the direction to the modern health care system as well as the researches.

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