Providian offers new and refurbished medical equipment for the facility’s needs. We concentrate more on quality and ensure that names from the medical industry get the right equipment on time to improve the treatment procedure. We are one of the business leaders for offering ultrasound machines, C-arms equipment, Probes, and more. We offer full-scale services, including repair and rentals for our medical equipment. We offer the best warranty terms on our new medical equipment and certified quality for the refurbished products.


Who Is Providian Medical

Providian Medical is a company offering full-scale medical equipment, from new to refurbished devices. We serve medical facilities and healthcare organizations with our wide product line to help them perform their medical operation, maintaining the best industry standard.

Quality of medical equipment and trusted services help us achieve many successes, and we have sold more than 5,000 ultrasound machines since 2004. We are delivering quality medical equipment great services. Our full-scale services also include repairs, rentals, and warranty works of our new and refurbished medical equipment.

Our refurbishing service ensures that the machine performs like new, eliminating all technical faults. Our refurbished medical equipment is quality certified, meeting OEM specifications. Our new Ultrasound medical equipment covers your interest by offering the best warranty terms.

How do you work

We feel satisfied when our customers share their satisfaction after using our products. We keep the customer service at the highest point to ensure that our products meet the desired expectation. Having vast knowledge in the field, we identify the demand and provide the right products to its users. You will always get our support for installing medical equipment in your facility. Besides, technical videos and how-to articles will provide you in-depth knowledge about different medical equipment. We are offering an unparalleled solution that takes care of your every medic need.

Other Medical Services