Being a leader in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, we deliver accurate, comprehensive results based on clinical validity and analysis. Genelex is a Clinical Improvements Laboratory Amendments Certified Lab and follows best practices for delivering the results. Using innovative analytic software, we perform superior quality testing and medication management at our well-furnished laboratory facility.



Genelex is a clinically certified lab by Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA). Practicing the best healthcare study, we deliver comprehensive results on medicines and individual’s drug response. Every result meets the clinical validation and a comprehensive analysis process.

Behind our success are powerful integrations of innovative analytic software, advanced laboratory facilities, experienced staff, and state-of-the-art testing and medication management. We also extend our services and include a pharmacogenetic test that measures metabolic medication impacts on patients’ genes and the medicines they take.

We help patients to understand the medication affecting their health by analyzing their genetic variation. Providers will also receive comprehensive testing results as we offer a clinical decision support tool (CDST).

How do we work

We understand the challenges one experiences while taking the medicines. From patients to prescribers to pharmacists, everyone needs the right medicine for improving the healthcare system.

Genelex is a trusted name for managing the precision of prescribed medicines, introducing a wealth of knowledge on lifesaving genetic insight to patients. With a simple DNA test, patients can understand the impact of different medicines on their health, and they can also consult with doctors to choose the right medicine that works best for their health.

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