DMX or Digital Motion X-ray is another innovative device that takes imaging technology to the next level. With an aim to improve medical care facilities to help people dedicatedly, we bring DMX, one type of medical imaging technology that real-time visualizes the human body in motions. The device defines the future of medical imaging technology that considers biomechanics and the human body as an active entity. This device will improve the traditional imaging technology to offer better care.


DMX is an X-ray of your body in motion:

DMX or Digital Motion X-ray is an imaging tool that visualizes why you have pain and helps your doctor take better care of your health.

  • DMX is ideal for treating whiplash issues. Whiplash is a neck injury that happens due to sudden backward and forward movement of your body. This type of injury happens due to a rear-end vehicle collision.
  • DMX offers a unique presentation of the structure that causes pain and joint instability.
  • DMX is a great choice when MRI and static X-ray shows nothing, but you still experience chronic pain.

DMX captures the images of bones when the patient is moving. It is a dynamic diagnostic tool, and doctors use the device for all joint movements of the body. It provides a real-time scan of the joints in motions. DMX has other medical terms like cineradiography or videofluoroscopy. Doctors use DMX for checking spinal and peripheral joint instability and ligament damage.

Since pain occurs when the body is in motion, this imaging technology captures images when the joints are in motion.

How is it performed?

Patients put their neck, spine, and peripheral joints for videotaping done using DMX. It works like a movie camera that produces 30 individual x-ray frames per second. Then, these frames are digitalized and sequenced for a video presentation of bones in motion. For additional views, radiology technicians also put bones under pressure by directing patients to hold a weight or perform certain exercises. Sometimes, physicians also put passive pressure in a suggested direction to capture the bone instability.

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